Healthy Picnic Recipes Used in Mumbair Square London

With the wonderful weather of the past few days, the whole of the Netherlands is going outside to have a picnic. Delicious, of course – but unfortunately not always healthy! Because often at such a picnic suddenly appear a mountain of pizzas or a meal from the snack bar around the corner.

Fortunately, this can also be done differently, and that does not even have to take that much time. In the blog of today ten delicious suggestions and picnic recipes! if you don’t have enough time to cook such delicious food, than you may visit  Mumbai Square which is a best Indian Restaurant in Whitechapel London, which offers a lot for Asian people, especially for India.

1. Homemade iced tea

Ice tea is very easy to make yourself, and then it is a lot healthier than that sweet stuff from a suit. Simply put a few liters of tea, add a generous amount of honey and let cool. You can also add fruit, herbs and spices to create more flavors. Think of red fruits, citrus fruits, mint or ginger.

The longer the iced tea can pull into the fridge, the deeper and fuller the taste becomes. The best you make is a big portion that you can advance for a few days.

2. Meal salad

With meal salads you can practically go anywhere. From a simple pasta salad to an exotic salad with chickpeas and grilled vegetables – the possibilities are endless. In this blog we will discuss how to put together your favorite meal salad, with a few suggestions!

3. Healthy wraps

When we talk about picnic recipes, we are talking about wraps. There is almost no faster summer dish to think of! In this blog you will find no less than 20 healthy wrap recipes, from simple rolls to quesadillas.

4. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are delicious, but a bit greasy. That does not apply to spring rolls, the non-deep-fried version! You make them very easily with a pack of rice leaves. If you dip it briefly in hot water, you can then fill it and roll it up firmly.

For the filling you can think of fresh raw vegetables, such as carrot or cucumber. Fresh herbs such as mint, coriander and basil are also delicious. Chicken, fish or tofu are also good ways to add proteins. Dip in low-salt soy sauce with some lime juice and fish sauce for a generous flavor.

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